The Story of Peeps is a video created by Thomas Productions and released on April 11, 2009.thumb|300px|right


The video starts out as a sort of commercial for Peeps. Farmer Peep explains how he's been farming Peeps for 35 years. He shows how the Peeps "grow" and how he packages them himself. When he holds up a finished batch, a guy runs by and steals them. Farmer Peep and his camera guy review footage of the incident, but the farmer has had enough. He storms out and goes out to his shed, where he finds the Peep stealer opening the package of Peeps. The then pulls out his shotgun and shoots him repetidly.


  • Famer Peep - Layne
  • Peep Stealer - Kyle
  • Camera Guy - Kevin
  • Uncle Peep - Layne
  • Young Farmer Peep - Brody

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